Store Owners 2, Crooks 0

by Bigfoot on January 13, 2013

in Janie's Got Her Gun

Hello again.  Now that ARS is back, Raven has again brought me on board.  During 2012, I launched Bigfoot’s Place, where I will continue with most of my blogging, but I will also once again contribute here.  But enough about me, on to the stories.

With all of the fallout from the Sandy Hook shootings, including proposed gun-control legislation and even action by presidential executive order, as hinted by VP Biden, it might be worth pointing out how privately-owned guns are often used for self-defense, and in the defense of one’s family or property.  Here are two recent examples that I’ve come across, of how law-abiding gun owners defended their respective businesses:

In Milwaukee, a grandmother working at her grocery store was accosted by a knife-wielding thief, and responded by pointing her gun.  The thief then ran out of the store, and was later arrested by police.  In this case, the gun needed only to be brandished in order to prevent a robbery.  Read more at WISN.

In Madera, California two men entered a pharmacy, and one started shooting.  After the owner and his mother took cover, he returned fire and shot the gunman, who later died from his wounds.  His accomplice was later arrested. Read more at KFSN-TV.

Raven January 13, 2013 at 8:15 pm

The more these stories get out the better. Most guns are used safely and appropriately. The MSM does not want to report these facts.

Doug Chaplin January 14, 2013 at 2:37 pm

Good to have you back to blogging Raven!

Shane January 14, 2013 at 6:05 pm

Here’s the logic of our confused friends on the left – since those that cause mayhem and commit murder refuse to follow the laws we have on the books now, we need to create ever more stringent laws until they do. It hasn’t occurred to those making the laws that the more they make the less safe the law abiding are.

When conservatives argue that the nature of man isn’t good, they aren’t saying it’s bad – they’re saying humans want to take care of their own first and foremost – that might give us a selfish nature but not one prone to evil. The solution to stopping horrendous gun crime in a nation of 300 million isn’t one that makes the innocent more vulnerable. It’s about recognizing that our culture is dysfunctional, it glamorizes violence and trivializes responsibility. It shouldn’t surprise anyone what crawls up from the sewers we live in.

Good to see you, Bigfoot!

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