No Pork to See Here

by Raven on January 13, 2013

in National Shames

porkAs with anything to do with Washington, Congress and AID, we have packages set to deliver much needed relief to storm damaged areas…


A Senate-passed version from the end of the last Congress included $150 million for what the Commerce Department described as fisheries disasters in Alaska, Mississippi and the Northeast, and $50 million in subsidies for replanting trees on private land damaged by wildfires.


The Northeast lawmakers’ $33.7 billion amendment also includes more than $135 million to help the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration improve weather forecasting.


$125 million for an Agriculture Department program to restore watersheds damaged by wildfires and drought, $2 million for roof repairs at Smithsonian Institution museums in the Washington area and the $50 million in tree planting subsidies.

Yep. No pork to see here. Go earn some more bacon so you can fund more projects under the government version of AID to disaster areas and victims.

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