She Spoke, Then She Wrote

by Raven on January 7, 2013

in New Hampshire

By now many of you have heard of NH State rep. Cynthia Chase, she who wrote an article about NH Free Staters. Cynthia is a woman of many opinions, and she is also a woman who has advocated for more taxation for NH citizens. Back in October when Mrs. Chase was running for office, she had this to say to the Keene (NH) Sentinel:

State government, specifically the state Legislature, is doing too little to promote the N.H. economy. There is far too much energy and effort devoted to the moral and social issues of some members and not enough time or effort devoted to making New Hampshire an attractive place to locate or grow a business or raise a family. We heard an awful lot of rhetoric about the economy and the N.H. Advantage, but nothing to encourage economic development was ever introduced. It was as if cutting every possible area of state spending was all that was needed to have a robust economy. Sadly, we went far past cutting muscle and cut well into bone. We do not have any long-term plan for promoting the economic growth of this state and we badly need one. As long as we have more of an allegiance to an outmoded “Pledge” than we do to the economic future of the state, we cannot fully address the real economic needs of New Hampshire. I am not advocating a broad-based tax, but I am advocating for a discussion with every option on the table. Without that plan we are only spinning our wheels.

So let’s get it right here. Mrs. Chase wants to chase out nasty NH way-of-life threatening citizens who align themselves with the Free State manifesto, and she wants to tax the heck out of those left behind in order to maintain the NH way-of-life as she defines it. She is so typically a demoNcrat eh? Where do we dig up such people and ask them to represent US?? Please tell me. Let’s move out those who want freedom from government intrusion and taxation, and bribe and entice those left behind with more entitlements and programs designed just for them (and paid for with everyone else’s money).

Kender Breitbart MacGowan January 7, 2013 at 12:36 am

She spoke? That’s a she? A she-what?

Raven January 7, 2013 at 9:41 am

A she man, of course! She lives in Keene NH and is married with two adult kids. She’s very nice to talk to, but she has some definite ideas about enemies and friends. And as always, a true DemonCrat will always promote more taxes to pay for more entitlement programs and call it, “taking care of our own”

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