Sunday Midday News & Links 1-20-2013

by Raven on January 20, 2013

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Apple Cranberry Bread Pudding

Sex is the biggest loser for higher ranking military men.

In NH Gun license applications increase. A lot.

5 yr old girl kicked out of school for making threats, with a toy Hello Kitty gun. And down in Melrose MA the Mayor wants to buy back- toy guns. (Only in MA does this happen).

When everyone becomes richer, no one becomes happier.

Turmoil in VA: Over uranium mining.

Roe vs. Wade: Until life can continue outside the womb, the cells are a parasite — regardless of the species.

Divided we fall? Not anymore. Divided we are and it will lead to coming back together eventually.

Obama is unwilling to trust Americans with an AR-15, but is willing to trust a genocidal terrorist group with Abrams tanks and F-16 jets.

ObamaPhoneLady doesn’t like Obama no more?
I’m shocked.

Is it a wig??

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