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by Raven on January 13, 2013

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It’s foggy and wet up here in New England this morning. The temps are above average so the global warming rumors are true.


Teach has a link up about the NY Times blaming globull warming on the snow in the middle east. Hmm.

GUN FACTS. That no liberal will have the balls to even read.

It’s just a few bucks. Nothing to worry about folks.

For someone who makes the U.S. average for private sector workers of $818.69 a week and is paid every other week, that adds up to a reduction of $32.75 in each paycheck. For higher earners, anyone making over $113,700 annually, each bi-weekly paycheck will decline by $87.46.

A small gun show in NH got lots of people lined up.

“Teaching” people how to act during a shooting????? COME ON!! Teach them to shoot, better yet- every class should have an armed teacher.


How did Granny Warren know this? Because she grew up on what she termed “the jagged edge of the middle class.” Her definition of “jagged edge” was only having three cars in the family driveway in 1965, including her own personal white MG sports car.

CHICAGO (AP) – Patients can refuse a flu shot. Should doctors and nurses have that right, too? That is the thorny question surfacing as U.S. hospitals increasingly crack down on employees who won’t get flu shots, with some workers losing their jobs over their refusal.

Guess I’d lose my job

The 60s.
Lots of mini articles about the decade, I believe, that started much of the selfish, ME ME ME, It’s all About Me, attitude we see so much today. I was born half way thru the decade of flower power and missed it all (thankfully). I view the 60s as a time of violence and selfishness, with lots of drug fested dingalings…a decade of dumb people thinking they’re changing the world. And now these people are our leaders…so it should not be a matter of wonderment when we ask, “What’s wrong with our country”? It’s the 60s still having an effect. The Baby Boomers will soon die off and things might get better.

Always On Watch January 15, 2013 at 7:57 am

I’ve been hearing from some of my friends who are nurses that the regulations affecting them are now invading their privacy and violating their individual rights. Most of the nurses that I personally know are succumbing because they can’t afford to lose their jobs.

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