Tech, Unions and American Workers

by Raven on January 23, 2013

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There are a few headlines that caught my eye the past couple days and they are relate to American workers, Jobs & Unions

Or lack of them.

First off: Recession, tech kill middle-class jobs

The global economy is being reshaped by machines that generate and analyze vast amounts of data; by devices such as smartphones and tablet computers that let people work just about anywhere, even when they’re on the move; by smarter, nimbler robots; and by services that let businesses rent computing power when they need it, instead of installing expensive equipment and hiring IT staffs to run it. Whole employment categories, from secretaries to travel agents, are starting to disappear.

It all adds up to lower costs for consumers in the end, right? Can we get by with all these job losses? (We as in the USA)
I dunno I can’t opine on it right now because I’m still researching the issue.


Next up: Flu season fuels debate over paid sick time laws

A school speech therapist who works as an independent contractor, she doesn’t have paid sick days. So the mother of two reported to work and hoped for the best – and was aching, shivering and coughing by the end of the day. She stayed home the next day, then loaded up on medicine and returned to work.

The above article is trying to deceive readers into feeling sorry for the therapist. First, she works for herself as an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR- she owns her own business, lucky lady…Like millions of other entrepreneurs, she can decide to give herself “sick days” if she wants; she can lay out terms in her contracts that include time off for when she is **sick**. And speaking of sickness, the aching, coughing and shivering sure do sound awful…but I doubt it was the real, actual, true blue FLU. Had it been that, she would have been out of work for more than a day or two. She’d have missed a week at least, with relentless fever, bed-bound body aches and severe respiratory problems. It sounds like she described a mild cold in the article and someone tried to pass it off as the flu….typical media ploy.



Last, did you know Obama has done more to destroy union membership, in his first 4 years, than Bush did in his 8 years?

The total unionization rate declined from 11.8 percent of wage and salary workers in 2011 to 11.3 percent in 2012. Private-sector unionization fell from 6.9 percent to 6.6 percent, and the government unionization rate dropped from 37 percent to 35.9 percent. The total Obama-era decline is 1.1 percentage points, compared with 1.1 percentage points during the eight Bush years.

Although Obama has championed union causes, his tax and regulatory policies have systematically discouraged business investment and job creation in America for all workers — union and nonunion.

And this:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Union membership plummeted last year to the lowest level since the 1930s as cash-strapped state and local governments shed workers and unions had difficulty organizing new members in the private sector despite signs of an improving economy.

Ahh but the people, the Union lovers in particular, will clamor to the left and to the Bambi no matter what. The age of entitlement, often called a benefit to so many in unions, is coming to an end. It’s one thing to offer health insurance to employees; its quite another thing to pay 100% for it. It’s one thing to offer access to a retirement plan, it’s quite another to be expected to fund the plan 100%. It’s one thing to give 5 or 6 weeks paid vacation; it’s quite different to pay for 10 weeks off (each year). Yet these are the very benefits so many unionites enjoy. Hey I would love 10 weeks paid time off every year.

While I acknowledge that many American businesses opt for oversees production in order to make higher profits regardless of unions or employment laws and regulations the unions forget that consumers ultimately pay the costs of the benefits. So when the cost of the product goes up and is no longer competitive with a another brand or similar product, we all knows what happens. Americans love to think they’re saving a buck or two. We’re greedy as hell.

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